Welcome to CitizenLobby

Hello and welcome to CitizenLobby. This is a blog where you can expect to see news and opinion coupled with "Take Action" links which encourage readers to be active and vocal about the issues facing our world and the United States. With this blog, I am seeking to make reading the news an activity which is less passive. I want to make it easier for progressives take action and lobby their represenatives on the state and federal level.

So often, these days, I read the news and I'm so shocked with what is happening that I feel I must take a stand. On some issues, like loss of habeas corpus in America, the stakes are too great not to say something. The same thing goes for environmental policy especially relating to global warming and to the current state of health care in America.

The issues covered on CitizenLobby will be wide ranging and will challenge it's readers to not only have an opinion on the matter but to speak out and let their representatives know their position.

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