Stop Arms Sales to the Mid-East

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The Bush Administration is selling $65 billion worth of weapons to nations in the middle east. The deals include $20 billion to the Arabian peninsula including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Israel will receive $30 billion and Egypt an additional $13 billion over ten years.

Flooding the middle east with American made guns and missiles does not make Americans safer, does not make American troops safer, and certainly does not help to relieve the tensions in the region. It does not help pacify Iraq considering Saudis citizens have been helping to fund the insurgency for years, not to mention fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Two others were from Egypt and United Arab Emirates.

What it does is add fuel the fire in the worlds most volatile region and arm more nations for the next world war which begins when the US attacks Iran.

Here's what Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had to say:

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dana said...

Well, what a bunch of BULLS**T! So, basically WE ARE AT WAR WITH OURSELVES!? We will invade and declare war, to have over 3500 of our own citizens killed. Only to find out the weapons used to kill our troops were probably provided, to the so called enemy, by US!? Why not just have our own Civil War REENACTMENT? We can all dress up in military uniforms, shoot at each other, pretend we are enemies, inhale the gun powder, cry,...Isn't that what we are doing now anyway, except on foreign soil? And except that people, our people, are dying! How can we call someone in war an enemy, if we provide them with the weapons of war? WE NEED TO END THIS WAR! But, if that isn't going to happen in the immediate future, then, we at least need to STOP KILLING OUR OWN TROOPS!

Candace said...

It is crazy that the administration is just allowed to do this. The last time we supported person/group with weapons and a little training, they turned around and attacked us on our own soil (9-11, Osama Bin Lauden). This sends the wrong message to other Middle Eastern countries and seems counter-productive. Weapons generally don't equal peace. And peace is what we are supposed to be after isn't it?